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  1. As a never run before oldie I joined Elaine's beginner course in January of 2016. I was cynical when she said that we would be running for about 40 mins or 5k by the end of the 10 weeks and although I didn't manage 5k by that time, it really wasn't very long after and I think that that was just due to a lack of confidence in myself – it certainly wasn't a lack of confidence in me on Elaine's part. Unfortunately had to miss out the whole of this winter due to ill health and only now getting back into it and am a beginner again but with the help and support of Elaine I am getting there and enjoying the experience all over again. So pleased I joined Farnborough Flyers – such a personal achievement for me and I have met some really lovely people in the process.
    Susan Clark, Farnborough
  2. Joining FF was the best decision I ever made. Having never run before I was given so much support and encouragement that I now running regularly every week and definitely wouldn't have been able to do that without the support and encouragement from Elaine and other members. A lot of time and effort goes into planning each sessions so that we get the best out of them. Thanks Elaine. 😀😀
    Marie Merrifield, Farnborough
  3. I have never been a runner and never imagined myself as a runner. I joined Elaine's 10 week to 5km group just after Christmas, having tried and failed trying to run on my own. Although I wanted to do it, I really didn't think I would be able to. I don't know how she does it, but in a really calm way Elaine tells you you can do something, and you can! She is so positive, let's you go at your own pace and somehow makes you feel amazing. In 10 weeks I could run 5km in just over half an hour and did my first park run. 3 months on I still run 5km 4 mornings a week and I love it. Thank you Elaine.
    Kirstein Halvorsen, Fleet
  4. Elaine has been so supportive and encouraging without putting me under any pressure to do more than I felt comfortable with. I started on the 'Beginners Running course' in mid February and on 2nd April I ran the Frimley Lodge Park Run, the whole way round, without stopping, I couldn't believe I'd done it. I've now joined the improvers group. Everyone is so friendly, sometimes we moan when it's hard work but we always come back the following week!!
    Cathy Regan, Farnborough
  5. Elaine is fabulous. Her running group is well organised, friendly and fun. It is the perfect way to get taught how to run and its truly amazing how Elaine manages to coach you to run 5k...which at the beginning feels an impossibility! Elaine knows her stuff and really is a running expert. She builds a mini community of people who are there to support one another through their running journey and encourages you to build up to park run. I have completed 1.5 courses of Elaine's and now don't get to the Improvers session as often as I would like to put have been to doing park run and joining local 10K runs! I would highly recommend joining Farnborough Flyers. Its the best money on exercise i have ever spent x
    Rhian Jones